Ga.Ma Hair Dryer - Perfetto IQ Black


Experience the future of hair drying with iQ Perfetto, the ultra-lightweight and ultra-fast hair dryer.


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iQ Perfetto is a revolutionary hair dryer that is both incredibly light and incredibly powerful. At only 294 grams, it is the lightest hair dryer in the world, making it easy to hold and use for extended periods of time without causing fatigue or strain. But don't let its lightweight fool you – with a brushless motor that can spin up to 100,000 RPM and a power output of 2000W, the iQ Perfetto is able to dry hair 30% faster than any other professional hair dryer on the market.

This hair dryer is also equipped with a pressure of 650mmH2O, making it capable of delivering a powerful and precise stream of air to your hair. Its extraordinary motor life ensures that you'll be able to use it for years to come, and at only 78 decibels, it operates at a low noise level that won't disturb your surroundings.

The iQ Perfetto is designed with Oxy Active technology, which helps to protect your hair by increasing the oxygen content in the airflow during use. It comes with two professional nozzles and a diffuser and offers 12 different combinations of speed, temperature, and cold air shot settings to ensure that you can achieve the perfect style every time.

With a generous 3-meter cable, the iQ Perfetto offers plenty of flexibility for use in the salon or at home. If you're looking for a hair dryer that combines power, performance, and lightweight portability, the iQ Perfetto is a perfect choice.



  • The lightest hair dryer in the world, only 294gr
  • Dries hair 30% faster than any other professional hair dryer
  • Brushless motor - motor speed 100.000 rpm
  • Power 2000W
  • Pressure 650mmH2O
  • Extraordinary motor life
  • Only 78 db noisiness
  • Oxy Active technology
  • 2 professional nozzles and diffuser
  • 12 combinations: 3 speeds / 3 temperatures / cold air shot
  • 3 mt cable



  1. Make sure that your hands are completely dry before connecting the appliance to the outlet.
  2. Connect the hair dryer and switch the power-on/lock switch from 0 to I.

When first switched on, the hair dryer is set with both air flow and temperature set at the minimum, corresponding to the first indicator light from the bottom, next to the side buttons.

The hair dryer is equipped with an airflow adjustment button.
By pressing the top, the airflow increases as shown by the white indicator lights. To decrease the flow, press the bottom part of the adjustment button.

The hair dryer is fitted with 3 temperature levels that can be adjusted by pressing the dedicated button. By pressing the upper part of the button, the temperature increases as indicated by the 3 red indicator lights. To decrease the temperature, press the bottom part of the button.

You can use the “Cool Shot” button during hair drying to promote a long-lasting style.
To activate this function, simply press and hold the COOL SHOT button. To deactivate it, release the button.
When the Cool Shot is active, the hair dryer blows cold air regardless of the temperature it is set on. The temperature indicators flash quickly to indicate the COOL SHOT mode is active. By turning it off, the temperature returns to the previous setting (COOL SHOT mode deactivation).

After setting the desired airflow speed and temperature, the buttons can be locked to prevent accidental changes during use. To lock the air speed and temperature buttons, turn the power-on/lock switch to the locking position. While the airspeed and temperature buttons are locked, the Cool Shot button/function can still be used.

The iQ has a speed and temperature memorization system. When the product is turned off, the last air speed and temperature settings are stored, so that when the dryer is turned back on, it automatically goes back to those saved settings. However, if the dryer is disconnected from the plug, the factory setting will be restored.

IQ’s shape allows an easier Venturi effect, i.e. the spreading of a higher airflow due to the suction effect without requiring and therefore consuming additional energy.

Due to the iQ’s exceptional airflow and pressure, we highly recommend a unique Brushing Setting to guarantee the hair’s protection and optimize the hairdryer’s performance. The recommended Brushing Setting is the 2nd temperature level for regular types of hair and 1st temperature level for those with fine hair.

IQ Dryer

Extremely light weight , powerful and extremely cool self cleaning function, i recommend using the self cleaning function as often as possible to keep your filters clean OVERALL something futuristic to own !
by Duane Latchmiah
on 30-03-2022

Ga.Ma hair dryer -perfetto IQ

This dryer is an awesome dryer. I blowdried my colleagues hair with ease. The one thing that STOULD OUT FOR ME WAS THE SUPER SHINE HER HAIR HAD AND THERE WAS NO STATIC IN HER HAIR. Thumbs up for this dryer
by Maylene Rodkin
on 22-04-2022


I've personally used this Amazing State of the Art Technology.
It leaves your hair STATIC FREE
The THIN NOZZLE gives you a sleek, shiny Finish
I did not have to use a flat iron after my blow wave!!! Brilliant!!!

It have a 15sec self filtering function
Your blow dry time is shorter
Its light weight, with the most silent, but powerful engine.

Best Dryer EVER!
by Crystal Abels
on 22-04-2022

Light weight dryer

I personally loved the blow out of this dryer, it left my hair smooth, soft and shiny. There was no static in my hair. It is an excellent light weight dryer and so comfortable to use.
by Laila Rawoot
on 10-05-2022
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