Parlux 3800 Dryer (2100W) Ceramic & Ionic, Black


The Eco-Friendly Parlux 3800 Hair Dryer includes a sophisticated built-in silencer specially designed to reduce noise, allowing the practitioner to use the hair dryer for hours without discomfort.

• Long Life: 2.000 hours
• Powerful: 2.100 Watt
• Air Flow: 75 m3/h
• Incorporated Silencer
• Instant cold shot button
• 3 meters of strong cable
• 2 speeds - 4 temperatures
• Ionic & Ceramic Technology
• Eco-Friendly


Parlux improves the everyday task of hairdressers by offering them high-quality and long-lasting professional hairdryers which contribute to perfect hairstyling results much appreciated by them and their customers.

LONG LIFE - PARLUX offers maximum durability in extreme operating conditions for all its professional hairdryers.
POWER - PARLUX creates the perfect combination of wattage, air quantity, and temperature to ensure that ideal power is delivered by its professional hairdryers.
BALANCING - PARLUX guarantees that its professional products are light-weight and perfectly balanced to protect the health and safety of all hairdressers who use them.
SILENCE - PARLUX designs its professional hairdryers with a strong focus on user comfort.
AIR IONIZER TECH - PARLUX focuses on AIR IONIZER TECH technology, which removes static electricity from the hair, making it soft and shiny and reducing drying time.
PARLUX ECOFRIENDLY - PARLUX is involved in making products with low environmental impact, while still ensuring the same quality characteristics of the top professional products in the world.
R2,694.00 - Incl. VAT



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