Brazilian Gold Keratin Treatment 250ml


BRAZILIAN GOLD KERATIN TREATMENT is a revolutionary hair reconstruction and volume reducing treatment that eliminates frizzy hair, leaving it straight, healthy and shiny for up to 4 months.

Step l: Wash and massage the hair with BRAZILIAN GOLD Clarifying Shampoo Pre-treatment 2-3 times, leave the shampoo in the hair for up to 5 minutes before rinsing. Blow dry the hair 100% dry.

Step 2: Divide the hair into six sections and apply the BRAZILIAN GOLD Keratin Treatment evenly using a brush. Comb and massage the product into each section of the hair to ensure maximum penetration. It is important not to use too much product, 45-60m1 is sufficient.

Attention: Do not apply Keratin Treatment directly on the scalp. Use gloves during application.

Step 3: Once the Keratin treatment has been applied all over, remove any excess product using a fine comb on each layer. Blow dry the hair 100% dry.

Step 4: Section and straighten the hair with a FLAT IRON that can reach 230 C , going over each section 8-10 times from root to mid-length and 4 to 6 times at the ends. (Titanium Plated irons are preferable for this process) The temperature should be adjusted according to the condition of the hair.

Step5: After three days, wash the hair with BRAZILIAN GOLD DAILY SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER to preserve and extend the results of the KERATIN TREATMENT for a longer period. (It is recommended to wait three days for optimal results. However, hair can be washed immediately if desired).
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